Fixed Operations
Jim Bernardi, Publisher of Automotive Dealers Network and CEO of
AutoPro Training Solutions, has written over 70 articles to help Dealers
utilize their Service and Parts departments at top capacity.
more Fixed Operations
Steve Dix, and other professionals use their expertise to help dealers gain
control of their Service Departments.
Car Sales
Joe Verde, author and consultant, has written many articles to help even the most
experienced sales person increase productivity.
more Car Sales
Tom Stuker and other Sales Professionals help dealers increase sales by
creating value with the customer.
Legal Compliance
Jim Radogna is an expert in Dealer Compliance. His articles offer simple, plain
processes to keep Dealers out of the courtroom.
Dealership Acquisitions/Sales
Nancy Phillips facilitates smooth transitions for buyers and sellers. She explains
some of the need to know stuff before selling or purchasing a dealership.
Digital Marketing
Ralph Paglia, the Microsite King, provides abundant information on the  ins and
outs of successful digital marketing strategies.
more Digital Marketing
Gilbert Chavez, Stan Sher, Alvin Newton and other professionals discuss many
aspects of emarketing, lead management, buying cycles and microsites.
Staffing & Human Resources
Kellie Auld & Bruce Cassels lend their expertise in acquiring staff and keeping
them productive through easily implemented techniques.
Customer Retention
Michael Roppo, Ron Lamb, and other professionals specialize in customer
communication to improve customer satisfaction and keep them coming back.
Finance & Insurance
Richard Harris, Michael Maguire and other professionals talk about Special
Finance and Finance Manager Strategies.
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