Get Inventory to Your MicroSite (continued)
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    Then I had (as Ralph calls it) a brain....fart. CDM Data is our third party
    vendor who takes 4 pictures of all our new cars and 9 pictures of all our
    used cars. I remembered some time back one of the CDM Data reps told
    me that they could give me inventory frame-in links, at that time I had no
    interest, nor even understood frame-in links. Well by gosh I do now!

I called my CDM Data rep and told him what I wanted, and within a few hours I had my own Malibu inventory on my
Malibu Micro Site. Why is this important? Think about it, more inventory pages means more exposure, more keywords
for SEO and
at no additional cost. It also helps give your Micro Site its own
individual look rather then being directed back to your main site.

I am doing a project for a Chevy Subaru where I am building
them a Certified Used Car Micro Site which will have GM Certified cars and
Subaru Certified cars. With this tool from CDM Data, it makes my job easier
and more professional in appearance. It will also give the customer what
they ask for in one click rather then 3-4.

Dealers if you do not use CDM Data I am sure your photo vendor can do the same thing for you. If they cannot you
might want to shop around and find one who can.


Please contact me with any questions you may have.
Here it is. When I was working for a Chevrolet dealer, I built a Malibu Micro
Site and had a link on the site for inventory. Like most MicroSites when you
click on the inventory link it takes you to your main website. Hopefully your link
will take you directly to your Malibu inventory. We do not want the prospect to
have to drill down in a configurator to find what he has asked for.
So I was thinking -
there has to be a better way to
get my Malibu inventory on
my Malibu Micro Site.
It will also keep
your prospect focused in on
the inventory he came to
look at rather then getting
lost on your main site.
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