Your Micro Site Inventory (continued)
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The first place you should go is to your ISM, CRM data base and send out email blast to all of your prospects,
owners, service customers, and orphan owners. Let them know about your new Micro Sites, and make sure you have
links in your email template to the Micro Sites. Ask them to send this email to a friend or family member who might be
interested in a new car. In your previous emails your links more then likely pointed back to your main site. Consumers
like to see fresh, new looks that will perk their interest once again.

I created for my current dealership; we get on average 4-5 leads a week from that Micro Site via
email leads. I just recently sent out an email blast about the high gas prices, and let the prospects and owners know
that we are giving lots for there trades and blow-out pricing on our new 30 plus MPG HWY vehicles. The email went
out to over 5,000 people in our data base. We have received many new revived inquiries and sold a Malibu Hybrid
and Cobalt from this one blast that took 20 minutes of my time. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Two new car deals, new
revived prospects and all by using what I have in my digital marketing inventory.

Don't wait for your Micro Sites to work for you, use your Micro Sites to drive the results to you with creative, no extra
cost tactics.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

Alvin Newton
Digital Marketing Director/Newton Digital Marketing
I mentioned in my last article that it could take up to 3-8 months
before you will see substantial SEO results with your Micro Sites.
You have them, use them.
Alvin Newton has held positions such as
eBusiness Director, Digital Marketing Director,
New Car Sales Manager, and development of a
BDC department. He runs Newton Digital
Marketing and consults for Auto Groups.