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By Bruce Cassels
Peoplewise Software ltd.
Bruce is Founder and President of Peoplewise Software.
With over 25 years of automotive retail, training and consulting
experience Bruce understands the staffing challenges that
face a modern Dealership.
with effective communication.

Too often I hear the same complaint from job seekers. Lately, I have been hearing the same lament from my
children as they seek summer work through various online channels. What is the number one complaint of job
seekers?  'Did my application fall into a black hole?'
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AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
Each time I hear this I cringe because we are not just ignoring people who
made the effort to find your Company, perhaps research it and then apply
for a job, but we are destroying our Brand Equity as well.
As Recruiters or HR Managers it is our responsibility to advise those that
don't make the cut where they stand. I know what you are saying right
now..."I don't have time to contact all those applicants! I'm busy enough with
the qualified applicants!"

Then I say to myself...hang on...didn't we design software to help with exactly
this issue? Isn't online recruiting software supposed to take care of this for
us? Seems like a lot of it does not live up to the hype!
If you are a recruiter or hiring manager it is time to find the tools that will
allow you to actually save time and money.

Keep that Brand Equity Growing with one simple step. Use Applicant
Tracking Software that delivers.
At Peoplewise Software we make recruiting software that works!