Recruiting Top Performers
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By Bruce Cassels
Peoplewise Software
Bruce is Founder and President of Peoplewise Software.
With over 25 years of automotive retail, training and consulting
experience Bruce understands the staffing challenges that
face a modern Dealership.
    It is my pleasure to work with many automotive businesses. I have found
    there is one common belief running through all of them. In this highly
    competitive world people make your business.
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AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
The problem is becoming, 'where to find the top performers.' It is not just finding the top performers that is
becoming difficult, recognizing them is becoming more difficult as well. Our industry has an aging workforce and we
need to find new resources for locating and identifying our future top performers.

Here are some ideas:
    •        Create a reward system for employees to help you find new staff.
    •        Offer moving assistance for out of area hires.
    •        Offer signing bonuses.
    •        Talk to every person who impresses you with their customer service. Invite them in to your store to job
    shadow for a day to get a feel for the excitement of your business.
    •        Place job ads that are well written and make a good impression. At AJF we offer you a full set of job
    descriptions that you can edit and use in your job ads.
    •        Connect with local schools and colleges.

Once you have found some candidates the work really begins. Even when the employment market is working
to the job seekers advantage we need to do more than have a friendly conversation, decide that they seem nice and
competent and hire them. Now we need to take our time and be as positive as we can be that this is a person who
will add to the performance and cohesiveness of your team.

Here are the steps you must complete to make sure you hire the best possible candidate.
  • Have an interview plan. Use behavioral interview techniques. Have several staff involved in the interview
  • Use screening and selection assessments that are benchmarked against top performers in the position you
    are hiring for.
  • Complete a background check on each applicant that reaches the finalist stage.
  • Use your intuition along with the science to make your final decision. can work with you and provide you with a complete automotive
    recruiting system that will help you find, screen, assess and hire quality candidates.

    Automotive Job Finder provides:
    •        a specialty job board directed at the automotive industry.
    •        targeted resume search capability, allowing you to search over 7000 other job boards and
    recruiting sites for position specific resumes.
    •        a full screening and assessment service including building top performer benchmarks for
    individual dealerships.
    •        assessments that provide behavioral interview questions for the interviewer.
    •        extensive background check capability through our partner BackCheck Inc.

To learn more go to or contact them at with your
contact info and they will get right back to you.

New Look Website
Automotive Job Finder has just completed a redesign of their website. If you have not been there lately we believe
you will be pleasantly surprised. Not only is the site easy to navigate, but it looks great. They are running daily
industry news articles as well. received over 12,000 visits last month.