The Changing Face of our Workforce
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By Bruce Cassels
Automotive Job Finder
Bruce is Founder and President of Automotive Job Finder.
With over 25 years of automotive retail, training and consulting
experience Bruce understands the staffing challenges that
face a modern Dealership.
There are more generations in the workforce than ever before.

We will be exploring the new generation of our workforce, "Gen Y". To better
understand 'Gen Y' let's first look at all the Generations in the workforce.
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The Four Generations In The Workforce

    1.        Veterans
    2.        Baby Boomers
    3.        Generation X
    4.        Generation Y

    •        Born between 1922 and 1945
    •        Regimented lives, rules and authority
    •        Value sacrifice, dedication and conformity
    •        Brought up with the mentality to produce quality work everyday without exception.
    •        They look for formality in the workplace and solid lifetime employment with the same organization.
    •        "Work First" Generation
    •        Advancement based on authority
    •        Appreciate formality and order
    •        Respect for hierarchy, command management
    •        Lifetime commitment with a "Gold Watch" retirement
    •        Limited patience for those that do not value work

    •        Born between 1946 and 1964
    •        The largest demographic in Canada
    •        Value freedom, individuality, life long learning, family and financial independence
    •        The original entrepreneurs and the original "ME" generation
    •        More women entering the workplace
    •        Highest rate of divorce in history
    •        "Live to work" Generation
    •        Their job is part of their identity
    •        Loyal, sacrifice for the Company
    •        Advancement based on loyalty and hard work vs. seniority
    •        Respect for teamwork
    •        Now looking for flexiblity and work-life balance
    •        Take pride in their work

Generation X
    •        Born between 1965 and 1978
    •        Original "Latchkey" and "Ping Pong" kids
    •        Most unsupervised generation in history
    •        Encouraged to find a job they "enjoyed"
    •        Technologically adept and fine with change
    •        Value education and very independent
    •        Economic recession shaped employment (McJobs)
    •        "Work to live" Generation
    •        Value work-life balance, diversity and individualism
    •        Original "slackers" but have matured and developed careers
    •        Look to be creative, want tangible results
    •        Self sufficient and entrepreneurial

Generation Y
    •        Born between 1978 and 1998
    •        They had the busiest childhoods EVER, "Helicopter Parents" hovered over their children's every
    •        Grew up in an advanced technological, fast paced world
    •        Violence packed media
    •        Never have experienced recession
    •        Highly educated, tolerant, accept and value diversity
    •        Value self-expression vs. self-control
    •        Hold very close relationships with family and friends
    •        Demand respect, loyal to causes and people
    •        Have a global perspective
    •        Touted as the most socially conscious generation since the 60's
    •        "Live then work" Generation
    •        Exceptional multi-taskers
    •        Want flexibility in dress code, scheduling and hours
    •        Strong sense of entitlement reinforced by strong labour market
    •        Want challenging, meaningful work
    •        Loyal to people, not organizations
    •        Believe work should be "FUN"
    •        Boredom is their archenemy
    •        Respect has to be earned
    •        Extremely group oriented
    •        Called "Gen Y" because they need to know "Why" they are doing a task.

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