Automated Phone Calls (continued)
For either purpose, we aren't reinventing the wheel when we use existing technology to
keep in contact with our valuable customer base.  With that in mind, Reward Logix has
incorporated AUTOMATED PHONE CALLING as a component of its comprehensive
customer retention marketing plan for dealerships.  
The bottom line is, whether you
use email, telephone or direct mail, the most effective marketing communication

He further stated that. using this system, dealers are able to thank customers, drive promotions and make service
reminder calls, all without lifting a finger. Automated calls provide dealerships the ability to reach many consumers with
little cost and zero to minimal staff effort, creating a convenient way to stay in touch and add to your bottom line. In
addition, phone calls may appeal to baby boomers more so than texting (SMS). While automated calls are convenient,
they aren't without fault.

    Mr. Nixon looks at some of the pros and cons of this medium:

    The pros:
An automated call is an immediate way to market or remind customers of appointments or upcoming sales.
Automated calls create a one-to-one sales channel.
Call systems are less expensive than BDCs and require little to no labor from your staff.
Automated reminder calls can lower service no-show rates and increase dealer profits.
An automated system can be set to call a customer any time of day, improving response rates.
Contacts can be made immediately to thousands of customers.

    The cons:
FTC/FCC regulations may limit the number of contacts with your targeted audience.
Automated calls are more likely to be ignored than a real person.
An automated call system is not as personal as a BDC.
Some customers do not prefer an automated call and therefore you must be sure to offer your customers
other communication methods.
Not necessarily recommended for Internet leads or ups.

Bruce Reeves
Upstate NY Territory Manager/REWARD LOGIX
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Bruce is a Territory Manager for RewardLogix, a
system provider for automotive customer loyalty
card systems. Bruce is a professional in his field
and highly knowledgeable in customer retention
The key message is, unless you have a strategic plan to market to
existing customers effectively and efficiently, it won't happen by
itself.  Ignore your current customers and they will ignore you!