NADA Reflections(continued)
A Loyalty Card system is a great example of that. While other industries
have taken the initiative, and in the meantime secured their loyal customer
base utilizing technology, communications and meaningful rewards, auto
dealers seem to be waiting for programs like this to go away.

The proliferation of reward card offers that started with airlines, hotels and
grocery stores has now filtered down to your local Subway franchise!
These industries recognize that if consumers have a real reason to be loyal
to them, the cost of implementing this program is peanuts compared to the
long term payoff.
The bottom line is: THIS IS WHAT YOUR CUSTOMERS WANT!  For those
of who you have an airline or hotel loyalty card- when was the last time you made a reservation without at least
checking out the offers from your card providers first?
    That's the beauty of the reward programs. It gets you first in line when a
    customer is ready to do two of the most important things at a dealership:
    buy a vehicle or service a vehicle.  The additional benefits of customer
    goodwill and increased margins are just icing on the cake.
What to do next?  Decide if you are ready to stop reinventing the wheel every month trying to drive
new customers into your showroom with advertising that is
becoming less effective by the minute,
or start working a strategy to secure, grow and communicate with your customer base.

Bruce Reeves
Upstate NY Territory Manager/REWARD LOGIX
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Bruce is a Territory Manager for RewardLogix, a
system provider for automotive customer loyalty
card systems. Bruce is a professional in his field
and highly knowledgeable in customer retention