Your Dealership on Google Maps (continued)
    Why submit your business to Google?

  •  Your dealership appears in the “Local Business Results” section at the top of search results pages
    when a user searches for a term that includes regional words or phrases.

  •  You get increased exposure in Google, which drives more search engine traffic to your site.

  •  Example: Search for "New York Italian Restaurant". At the top of the search results (just below the
    "Sponsored Links") you’ll see a map along with business listings (like Lombardi’s, John’s Pizzeria and
    Adrianne’s). These listings are from the Google Local Business Center.
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By Gilbert Chavez
E-Commerce Director/Planet Automotive
Gilbert has held the positions of E-Commerce Director, VP
Business Development, VP Operations, E-Marketing Director,
COO, General Manager, GSM and Internet/Fleet Manager.
Gilbert's expertise is in CRM, online campaigns, e-mail
marketing, BDC development and other managerial aspects
for dealer profitability. He is Currently E-Commerce Director for
Planet Automotive.
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Once Google has verified your business you’re done. After that,
it’s as simple as waiting for potential customers to find you.
    How to submit your business to Google.

  •  Start here:

  •  You’ll be asked for your address, phone number, hours of operation, types of payment you accept,
    and a description of products and services.

  •  Select your business category. You can start with “Automobiles” and receive recommendations or
    select “Browse All Categories and refine your selection, selecting up to 5 categories.

  •  Add additional optional information such as costs, specialties, images, etc, which may help your results.

  •  Once you finish, you can preview and edit your listing, verify that you represent your company, then
    choose to have a postcard sent with a verification PIN, or receive a phone call.
Submitting your information is easy and takes just a few minutes,
but it does require you to do it yourself for verification purposes.