Wrapped Around The Axle (continued)
For example, Kenn Patton, of Phil Long Hyundai of Chapel Hills has done an excellent job with his Military
Auto Connection Web Site. Furthermore, Freeway and Longmont Ford have combined their efforts to do an
excellent job in marketing
http://itsmycarnow.com/ Their placement of ads on KOA radio and KHOW radio on the
radio live feed link have had a great impact.
    Wrapped Around the Axle: Some dealers are very guarded of the
    price of a Micro Site. The elements of a Micro Site are simple.
    It’s the branding message, links to inventory, and a dynamic Credit
    Application. Of course, you can get into greater detail like Kenn
    Patton did for your specific program.
The cost of a Micro Site is pennies compared to a Newspaper ad, any
old school advertisement, or even a full blown web site. For example, if you
want to do it in-house, Godaddy.com will run you anywhere from $3.99 a month to $10.39 a month.

Great web companies like Dealer.com and TK Carsites will work with you to develop and market these, or their version
of a Micro Site. There is a great way blending multiple URL’s……web site addresses into one site.

Godaddy.com example:
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By Gilbert Chavez
E-Commerce Director/Planet Automotive
Gilbert has held the positions of E-Commerce Director, VP
Business Development, VP Operations, E-Marketing Director,
COO, General Manager, GSM and Internet/Fleet Manager.
Gilbert's expertise is in CRM, online campaigns, e-mail
marketing, BDC development and other managerial aspects
for dealer profitability. He is Currently E-Commerce Director for
Planet Automotive.
    Yes, it is true, as Alvin points out that, “It sometimes takes up to 3-8 months before you
    will see substantial SEO results with your Micro Sites.”

    However, you can make up time and effort with an effective snail mail campaign, radio spots, bill
    board placement and most importantly a SEM (Paid Search Campaign, AKA, Pay Per Click)
Moreover, as Alvin conveys, “The first place you should go is to your ISM, CRM data base and send out email
blast to all of your prospects, owners, service customers, and orphan owners. Let them know about your new Micro
Sites, and make sure you have links in your email template to the Micro Sites. Ask them to send this email to a friend
or family member who might be interested in a new car. In your previous emails your links more than likely pointed
back to your main site. Consumers like to see fresh, new looks that will perk their interest once again.”

If you utilize One Command, On Station, or CIMA Systems this would also be an excellent way of
marketing your Micro Site.

I have clients that are initially concerned that this micro site branding will take away from your main site.
Actually, it compliments it. Essentially, Micro Sites act as another door for your customers to walk through
    Alvin created MPGSaveGas.com for his current dealership, “We get on average 4-5 leads a
    week from that Micro Site via email leads. I just recently sent out an email blast about the high gas
    prices, and let the prospects and owners know that we are giving lots for their trades and blow-out
    pricing on our new 30 plus MPG HWY vehicles. The email went out to over 5,000 people in our data
    base. We have received many new revived inquiries and sold a Malibu Hybrid and Cobalt from this one
    blast that took 20 minutes of my time. Was it worth it? Absolutely! Two new car deals, new  revived
    prospects and all by using what I have in my digital marketing inventory. Don't wait for your Micro Sites
    to work for you, use your Micro Sites to drive the results to you with creative, no extra cost tactics.”
    Alvin is a great example of really thinking out of the box and presenting a “new angle” to your customer.

    As the saying goes in boxing, “It is all about them, “Angles”, that you present to your opponent. It is
    a strategy of defense and offense. How can you best put yourself into a position of not getting hit and
    at the same time be able to knock the stuffing out of your opponent? Well, a Micro Site is that “new and
    or different angle” that you as a dealer can present. It is a laser approach to fine tuning your web
    presence to a specific web audience. Over the years, I have made thousands of Micro Sites to reach a
    vast array of audiences. One was to market the city of Trinidad, CO. This site focused purely on the
    Historic Preservation Foundation and it reached a special philanthropic audience. Now, we did this as
    part of a sponsorship with a car dealer. In essence, we hit multiple customers with a residual effect on
    linking back to our inventory. Whether if it was for a specific military purchase program, special finance
    site, our goal is to garner more leads and attract more phone calls off of our sites. Yesterday, my
    lawyer showed me his new site. I took him through the SEO fundamentals and made him change his
    site so his phone number was dominant on his site and that it had the “run of site”, meaning it was
    displayed in good order every where a potential client surfed through his pages. For the most part,
    people are more apt to pick up that phone and call then to generate a lead. I know I do.
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What’s important is the Mixology in
dealers repertoire of e-Marketing

This campaign science of having the major sites, mixed
with Micro Sites, e-mail campaigns, banner placements,
SEM, SEO, etc… presents the dealer at the most
advantageous ANGLE to make the knockout punch!
5-Page Plan
2 mo:
12 mo:
Save 10%
24 mo:
Save 15%
36 mo:
Save 20%
10-Page Plan
1 mo:
12 mo:
Save 10%
24 mo:
Save 15%
36 mo:
Save 20%
Unlimited Pages
1 mo:
12 mo:
Save 10%
24 mo:
Save 15%
36 mo:
Save 20%
Over the years I have utilized
one page Micro Sites with only
a contact form on them and
achieved great results;
however, I do recommend
more detail that that.