Remember When... (continued)
Those were the days.
Unfortunately those days are gone,
or are they really?
    In my travels, I find most service managers understand the immediate problems facing
    dealers, increased competition, lack of warranty and customer pay dollars, fixed
    expense, not to mention the aftermarket businesses. And hey, what about all of those
    tire retailers stealing your customers?! There was a time when you could actually send
    your customer to the local tire dealer without them trying to stab you in the back…ahh,
    but those were the days, right?
Assuming you agree, how can we survive in today’s marketplace? Just go back to basics, yeah - just plain old
common sense - that has always worked. Invest a little time and effort with each customer. My father taught me years
ago, if you make your customer a “friend”, they’ll usually come back, and he was absolutely right!

    One very simple idea that worked for me: Since women composed a minimum of 50% or more of my
    business, I would send my driver down to the local florist, who was a customer by the way, and purchased a
    couple dozen carnations. Every female customer would get a
    free flower, just to say…"thanks for your business."  

    Having said that, what if you showed your customers a little
    different kind of “token” for them to remember you by?  How
    about a value added coupon that they’ll surely keep, as well
    as a reduction in your fixed costs all in one product.
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    As I became the dealer’s fixed operations director, I had
    the idea, wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple concept that combined literature such as menus, business cards,
    dispatch numbers, special customer incentives, and even a reply card without having to buy them separately?

    After an exhausting search of automotive suppliers, nothing appealed to me. What I did find was just too
    expensive to use. The factory had their own version of handout menus, but they seemed overly complicated.
    Additionally, my advisors just didn’t use them to up-sell from; it was just added junk lying on the service counter.

    Ah, but again, those were the good ol' days; we really didn’t have to work too hard to be profitable, remember?

By Gary Fightmaster
President / Dealer Profit Concepts
I had customers,  even years
later, coming back remembering
that small token of appreciation
we’d shown them on previous visits.
It was the simple things that made
the biggest difference.
    Well, here we are in the present, which could be the new beginning of the days
    gone by. Instead of that carnation, there is a different kind of “attention getter” that
    produces results as well as decreases your fixed expenses all in one very simple

    Dealer Profit Concepts s offers the “retention” custom service hang tag. It is a
    combination of many of the items you're currently buying separately, and you have the
    benefit of a completely custom format, kind of like giving every customer that…

    Last, but not least, (and you're going to love this part...) you may get the cost completely covered with unique co-
    op advertising utilizing your own suppliers or vendors.

    Selling any product or service is relatively simple if it’s a quality product, plus you personally, truly believe in what
    your selling is of value, and hey, don’t forget to make that customer your …“ friend”.

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