Every Dealer's Fresh Start Opportunity  
    We hardly ever get the chance to start over in life, or in business.

    But that’s exactly what almost every dealer and their management
    staff has had to do in the last 18 months.
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By Joe Verde
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The car business changed dramatically, and it changed almost overnight. When it did, dealers and managers
had to rethink everything they’ve been doing, from taking out the garbage on excess expenses, to getting rid
of non-productive and negative employees.

But in real life, almost all of 2009 for just about every dealer reading this was about survival, damage control
and then stabilization. For some dealers who jumped on those three areas immediately when the market
took its tumble, they were able to add growth back into the process last year and a lot of the dealers we work
with had record months in a terrible market.

Now, for most dealers, the dust has almost settled. There aren’t too many new surprises in the market or with
their manufacturers, and things are almost stabilized. Almost is a key word here. All of that means it’s time for
a ‘fresh start’ look at all of the things you wish you had done differently when you first opened your dealership.

When we say “things you wish you had done”, that logically means those are things you didn’t do. In our
dealer and manager class and in my Recovery & Growth book, we talk about the most difficult decisions you
face in business, and we talk about the two kinds of pain you face with making those decisions. The two most
painful things we face in business are discipline or regret.

Most dealers and managers lacked the discipline to do the things they knew they should be doing these last
few years. A great economy helped us all develop very bad habits and made avoiding tough choices easier
for everyone. So most chose that “easy” option and wrote it off with “we’re too busy”.

Discipline is critical in business, but let’s not kid each other, discipline is also tough to maintain on a daily
basis. That’s why so many dealers and managers traded the pain of discipline to do the right thing, for the
extremely painful regret that hit almost everyone like a brick once the economy, home equity lines, credit and
jobs went south.
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That’s past us now. 2009 is finally over and it’s time for you to refocus, set clear goals, and it’s time to rebuild
your organization properly this time. In fact, rebuilding and refocusing are two of the most common comments
from the thousands of dealers who read my book on Recovery & Growth.

“Joe – You reminded me of all of the things we have to do to rebuild our dealership, I can’t believe we allowed
ourselves to make so many bad decisions.” – “Joe, I used your book as a checklist of exactly what I have to
do to put my dealership back on track. I wish I had read it sooner because we lost some great employees,
and that could have been avoided.” – “Joe, You kicked my butt on almost every page in your book and got
me refocused and back on track. I can’t thank you enough for helping me save my dealership (and my

Recovery & Growth are two separate issues, and the book covers both. First it’s a road map for survival and
recovery and covers those urgent things you have to do to save your dealership. Once you’ve stabilized and
recovered, then it’s about your step-by-step plan for growth, year after year.

I cover everything you need to do to set up your dealership the right way this time, so you can avoid most of
the pain everyone experienced last year. If you didn’t get my book, the first copy is FREE, and it’s too
important to miss. So stop reading right now and order it today online free at www.joeverde.com/rg

    Do you have a friend down the street or other dealers in your 20 group or other associations you’d
    like to see improve? Then order them a copy, too, and most important, don’t forget your own
    management team. They’re the ones who have to pull this off and they need the clear plan my book

    If you got my book and didn’t read it, start at page one with breakfast tomorrow and by the time you
    finish your coffee, you’ll have dozens of ideas and reminders on what you can do, starting today, to
    make 2010 your best year ever.