20+ Extra Units  (continued)
Don’t say “we tried everything we could” because you’ll be
amazed at how many ideas you can come up with when all of the
managers as a group take a fresh look at those write ups.

The results you can expect: In our dealer / manager
workshops, managers say they find a way to deliver 2 of every 10
they didn’t close the day before.
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By Joe Verde
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The results: 2 more sales for every 10 that you personally get involved in.
#2) When you work a deal that you don’t make and you’re ready to let the customer go – instead of
having the salesperson give back their keys, have a manager do it.

With a smile on your face and no paperwork in your hand, give them their keys and say “Hi folks – I’m the
guy who’s been scribbling those numbers back and forth, I’m sorry we couldn’t get together”... visit a
minute and then ask... “If there was one thing that kept you from getting this car right now, what would that
be?” Then close the sale on that one thing.