Activity Management   (continued)
We talk about time management in our Leadership workshops,
and from the comments we get after class, everyone agrees that
time management is critical. Here are the most common “time
wasters” that hundreds of dealers and managers have complained
about in our workshops. Let’s discuss these problems and come
up with some simple solutions.  
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By Joe Verde
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                                                Time Management

First mistake ... stop calling it “Time Management” because there’s no such thing. You can’t manage time and
I can’t, either. It’s actually “Activity Management” that buys you back the time you need to be more productive.
You can’t manage time, only what you do with the time you have (your activities).  When you learn how to
prioritize and focus on your activities in management, you can start to manage your day more effectively. And
remember, everything you do – or don’t do – affects everything else, too.

For example...
Your deadline for getting the ads ready for the weekend is noon on Wednesday. You put off (procrastinate)
picking the cars, taking the pictures and writing the ads until the last minute. Now, on Wednesday morning you
have to drop everything else you had planned to do (including the sales training meeting you had scheduled)
because  you have to meet your ad deadline.

The ripple effect wastes more time.
Since you keep skipping the sales training with your salespeople, that causes even more problems, one of
which is constant turnover. And turnover causes its own time management problems, because now you have
to take even more time to recruit, interview, hire and train new salespeople. And unfortunately, you’ll continue
to have constant turnover, because you never seem to have the time to properly train everyone initially and on-

Nothing you do is a one-shot-deal and there isn’t one single task you’re responsible for that only has a single
consequence if not completed. Every responsibility is tied to something else and every time you take a
shortcut because of time, you always pay for it later somewhere, some time.  
Most important, the price you pay later will always be much greater than the price you’d have paid had you
done it right, on time, the first time.

And you guessed it, the most common reason for not doing things right is back to “time” again. Excuses like,
“I didn’t have time to hold out for the right salesperson, I had to hire someone right away”, “I didn’t have time to
hold training, I had to work a deal”, “I don’t have time to follow up on my salespeople”, etc. will end up costing
you even more time and money in the long run.
                                              The Secret: No More Excuses,
     Manage Your Activities – Not Your Results

Results come from activities.
To control your results, you have to control your activities. We all get the same 24/7 and there is no more time.
I know it’s true because I even checked on eBay® and they don’t sell it, rent it or lease it. And if eBay® doesn’
t have any extra time for sale, nobody does.

$10 An Hour Stuff...
Managers are responsible for critical sales activities, yet almost all managers allow themselves to get bogged
down doing trivial, no-brainer things that a $10 an hour administrative assistant could be doing for them.

How did we get this way?
Who taught most of us our time management skills and habits? I don’t know about you, but I didn’t learn my
activity management skills from a manager who ran the #1 dealership in the country or from a manager whose
salespeople all delivered 20-30 cars a month.  I learned all of my bad habits from a manager whose skill level
only produced a bunch of 8-car guys and who was always busy 24/7 doing important looking stuff, instead of
priority activities!

Like everything in life, to improve you’ll have to be willing to make changes and you’ll have to find the time to
work on making these changes. The first step in this time management process is for you to identify what
areas you’re wasting time on now.

Your homework... this week, hold a management meeting and make a list of everything you’re all wasting
time on. List every non-essential task and anything else you do that almost anyone else at the dealership
could do for you. Then start on your biggest time waster and the easiest ones to change. Go through your list
monthly and keep improving your activity management. You’ll be surprised to see in a year what you’ve
accomplished. And just a thought...if you honestly don’t feel that you have the time to do it right – when will you
find the time to do it over?
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