Create A Win/Win for You, your Salespeople and your Customers!
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AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
Want to know how to sell more cars, have more fun, make more money and
guarantee your long-term future success?

It’s simple – just make sure that everything you do has real benefits for everyone
involved, not just for your dealership.

What is not a win/win for anybody...
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By Joe Verde
Joe Verde Sales & Management Training
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• Customer Turnover: When you lose a customer everyone loses again. You lose
the investment you made to get them on the lot to sell them in the first place, and
you and your salespeople lose the future business you would have had.

They lose the opportunity to keep doing business with you and have to find another
dealership to take care of them.

The biggest reason you lose previous customers and working prospects is because
they didn’t like it there, either. Why? I have no idea why (in your dealership), but you
do, so fix it.

Sure, the dealership also has to win to stay in business. But in many dealerships
“winning” has become so important, that dealers and managers have forgotten they
depend on their salespeople and their customers for their own success.
If you have under-trained salespeople working double shifts to make average wages, they aren’t winning. But they (and
your managers) are putting customers through the wringer trying to make up for the skills they don’t have.

It’s time to rethink your game plan.

Of course you want to win, in fact, you have to win to keep the doors open. But even Ben Franklin taught businesses
back in the 1700s that to be successful, everyone you deal with has to win right along beside you.

In today’s car business, if you don’t let your salespeople and customers win with you, you may find that nobody wants to
hang around with you anymore.

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Create a Win/Win
• Salesperson Turnover: Every time you lose a salesperson, your business, and
their lives are both disrupted. Turnover costs everyone lost time, money and

Why do dealerships have turnover? Well, this will seem way too simple, but there
are only two reasons you have turnover; either you fire them, or they quit.

If you’re constantly having to fire people all of the time, that’s a management
problem with recruiting, training, coaching, pay, scheduling or management /
management style.

If they’re always quitting – this will sound too simple, too, but the biggest reason
salespeople leave a dealership on their own is because they didn’t like it there.

Why? Obviously they didn’t feel like they were winning. Remember most people
listen to just one station; WIIFM (what’s in it for me). If those salespeople had felt
their needs were met and they were coming out on top, too, they’d still be there
instead of working down the street.