Why don’t our managers take the time to develop our salespeople?
Yes, I know that working with some of your salespeople is just an absolutely painful
experience. Some resist everything you try to teach them, some seem to absorb less
information than a rock, and some should be chopping trees in a forest instead of
selling cars.

Having said that – the group of people you have out there in sales is all you have
standing between keeping the doors open and being profitable, and having a chain
link fence around the place with a ‘for sale’ sign on it.

Sure they’re a pain – sure you wish they would take it upon themselves to learn
more, but in real life, they don’t.

Think about this – if only 3% of all the people are self-motivated, self-starters, what
% are not self-motivated?

In fact, have you ever taken one of those 97%’ers who wasn’t producing (who every
other manager wanted to fire on the spot) under your wing? Most of you have. You
said, “Give me that guy and I’ll make him or break him.”

Then after you took that 97%’er under your wing and started working them ‘hands-
on’ every day, what happened?

Exactly – they got better, and better. And now some of them have become great
salespeople, managers and even dealers. All of that happened because they finally
got the extra attention they needed to improve.

Yes, it would be great if all salespeople would just line up, learn everything in one or
two quick meetings and then get out there and make you proud. But that’s not real

    Why You Should Care?

Every dealer is paid based on net profit and every manager’s pay is directly tied to
production in some form (units / gross). That means you’re dependent on those
unmotivated and untrained salespeople for your paycheck.

As I see it, you only have 2 choices:
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By Joe Verde
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    1. Take every one of them under your wing, and just like you did with that salesperson everybody wanted to fire,
    make it your mission to make each
    one productive and growing.

    If you do, every morning when you wake up, you’ll see a beautiful rainbow in the sky and it will remind you of just
    how much you love working with your crew of professionals in sales.

    2. Do nothing.

    If you choose this option, you can expect a ton of frustration every day as you watch deals that could have hit the
    board end up down the street.

    You can expect constant complaints from your low achievers about your dealership not advertising enough to put
    more people on the lot (to make
    up for their poor skills).

    You can expect that your gross on every unit will be low, and that your CSI will always be a challenge.

    Most important, based on your history of who you hire, and how you train – when you replace each of those 97%’
    ers, you’re almost guaranteed to end up with another one just like the one your fired.

So what’s the solution?

You can’t hire your way out of this problem – but you can train and manage your way through it.  

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