Of course you’re looking for really good salespeople.
But here’s the real question:

“Are the really good salespeople looking for you?”
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By Joe Verde
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Running your dealership with a bunch of below average salespeople costs you a ton in any market. In today’s
market, it can break you. More and more dealers are realizing that and would love to hire the best salespeople in town.

In fact, that’s one of the biggest complaints from managers everywhere, “We just can’t find any good salespeople.”
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Finding Good Salespeople   (continued)
Do you want a staff of high achievers?

Here are a few things you need to understand (or remember) if you want a staff of high achievers, in both
management and in sales.

  • In the first place, there aren’t many “good salespeople” around to hire. Statistically, you’re looking at a
    maximum of (the top) 20% of salespeople who are good. In real life, I’d probably tag that maximum at closer to
    10% than 20%.
  • The “good salespeople” in our business are working and already have jobs. Your only hope of attracting
    them is for their dealer to demotivate them and send them packing with bad management, pay cuts, poorly
    thought out schedules, treating them like 6-car guys, and not respecting them or their production.
  • Most of the “good salespeople” I know were developed, not hired away from another dealership.

But, in real life most dealers and their managers are hoping for the shortcut, the way to convince the best
salespeople in town to come work for them.
Develop your reputation as a great place to work!

Finding good salespeople when he needs them now is not a problem, because he has the reputation of being a great
place to work. And that’s come in real handy as he’s added new dealerships.

You want the “best of the best” salespeople and they want the same exact thing in return. They want to work at the
best dealership in town in exchange for their level of sales production.

Become the best place to work, develop your salespeople and recruiting more good ones will be easy.
To get the best –you have to be the best!

Most dealerships want great salespeople, but they don’t want to go to the trouble to be the best dealership to work
at. You’re looking for them, but unless the good ones are looking for you, it’ll never happen.

We started working with a dealer a few years ago who had a bunch of 6 and 8 car guys plus 50% turnover per
month. With 58 salespeople selling only 400 units in his dealerships, it was killing him.

Short story; we trained him and his managers first and then his salespeople. 90 days later, he’d cut 16 salespeople
and his managers had developed 42 good ones. His unit sales increased from 400 to 500 and his gross profit went
up $600 per unit. Not by hiring good salespeople, but by developing the potentially good managers and
salespeople he already had.

His turnover stopped when he dumped his dead weight and taught his managers and salespeople how to be
effective. Most dead weight SP (anchors) are “underachievers” who’ve been there so long they’ve become lazy and