How to Grow in a Down Market  (continued)
If you really want to hit it out of the park in sales and income, this is your
year to start and all it takes is a clear plan. Why? Because average
dealers, managers and salespeople everywhere will throw in the towel
this year and they’ll give up 50% of their business for no reason.
Prospects will walk onto lots all across North America to buy a vehicle and they’ll meet salespeople who are
so convinced nobody is buying, they’ll give up the sale before they ever attempt to make it.
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By Joe Verde
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    This year, you aren’t sticking with the “hope plan” and you aren’t
    going to wait for the huddle to vote on what kind of year it will be
    for you. This year, you are going to take charge of you!

    And here’s your new plan...

1) Think. Think about last year (the good and the bad) and make some basic decisions on what you want to
happen this year. Then decide how much time and effort you’re willing to invest in...
    A) Really learning how to sell
    B) Developing more effective work habits

2) Set your goals. How many units will you sell this year? Turn your thoughts into
realistic and achievable goals. Goals need to be realistic and maybe getting from
7 or 8 units to 30 isn’t realistic for everyone reading this. But getting from 7 or 8 to
15 or 20 is a serious no brainer for anyone willing to take my information, learn it
and develop their skills.

What about income? Units times your average gross per unit (plus bonuses, spiffs and factory $) equals your
income. If you don’t like the number, set another goal to raise your gross by avoiding price on the lot and building
value instead. A realistic gross improvement is 40-50% for most salespeople, regardless of your sales level.

3) Follow the Basics with every prospect. with every prospect. Enough said, read those 240 pages in my new
book and get serious about your career.

4) Stick with it. I find most salespeople miss their end of year goal, but not in December, like they think they do.
Everybody hunkers down and puts the pedal to the metal at the end, trying to play catch up.

Do the opposite, put in the extra effort today and every day and don’t let up. You’ll find you far exceed whatever
realistic goals you set today for this year.

It’s kind of like Tuesday or Wednesday. If that’s the slowest day of the week, how come if it lands on the last day of
the month it becomes the best day of the week? Work every day of the year as if it’s the last day of the year and
trust the Basics - they’ll always improve your odds.
You can get lucky and earn
$10,000 one month,
but you won’t just get lucky
and earn $120,000 a year.
This is going to be your
best year ever,
because you’re going to
make it your best year ever.
5) Stop talking price on the lot. Make one of your goals to learn how to stay off price on the lot. Really dig into
the 40 or 50 ‘price’ related pages in my new book and learn how to:
    A) Bypass price when you’re on the lot
    B) Rephrase price to budget if it comes up in closing
    C) Refocus price to budget again when you’re in the negotiation

Every time you bring up the price, trade, payments, discounts, rebates or special financing and let your customers
talk about money issues before you’ve sold the vehicle, you lose value.

Price talk doesn’t help you sell – it helps you create a price shopper. Bypass price though, and they start focusing
on what they like about you, the dealership and the value of owning the vehicle. Once that happens; close the sale
(without talking price then, either).

6) Start a follow-up program now. If you do, in a very short time, you can wean yourself from relying on ‘ups’ to
sell cars. Start now. Don’t wait until the end of the year, then look back and say, “Gee, I wish I’d done my follow-up.”
The benefits of follow up...
    • You won’t have to wait for ‘ups’ because you’ll set appointments and always have a customer on the lot.
    • Your closing ratio goes up 500%, minimum. No, that doesn’t mean you’ll go from talking to 60 or 70 people
    and selling only 8 to closing all of them. It means you’ll talk to only 30 or 40, do an awesome job with each
    one and sell 15-20+. The other great news is your gross profit will also go up about 40-50%. All of that
    means you’ll earn about three times what you’re earning now.

7) Go to work to work. If you apply yourself, you can double or triple your income this year and work fewer hours
doing it. You’ll earn $100,000+ working a single shift or $30,000 working bell to bell. Be smart – it’s your choice.
8) Really learn how to ‘‘sell’’. Learn more about selling, success, your product and people, and memorize this...
‘‘When you learn more, you earn more.’’