Hiring the Right People
    Not many people in business would argue with this statement, yet
    almost everyone reading this takes shortcuts, settles for and then
    hires the wrong people in almost every position in the dealership –
    especially in “sales”.
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By Joe Verde
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Why are there more ‘bad’ hires in sales? Because ‘sales’ has fewer specific job
requirements in writing than any other department in the dealership.

In almost every other position, the department managers have created a list
of just about every task the person is expected to do as part of their job.

Example: In DMV – you’d need to learn to complete the forms, do the reporting, make
the payments, etc.

DMV skills are clearly defined, but there are exceptions that come up with
a title or ownership, etc. That means you always have to keep learning about
the changes in law and procedure to be proficient. But for the most part, you
have to learn your job just one time, then stay current on new changes.

In sales though, you’re dealing with people, and while you can outline the
perfect sales process on paper, things rarely go as planned.
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I had always been an above average employee in every job I’d had before I started selling cars, but I quickly
became a hard working, below average salesperson.

Why? Because I was hired by an average manager who, at best, only knew how to hire, train, coach and manage
salespeople to an average level of sales.

I spent five years working with him (and the other average managers there) and for five years I produced almost
nothing. I was the 8-car guy I talk about in here and in our sales classes and I struggled every month in sales.

It wasn’t until I left that dealership and got out of the average rut they had created for everyone, that I finally
quadrupled my sales.

To answer the question – the key to hiring above average salespeople is to first develop an above average sales
management team. And no, I’m not talking about managers who can desk four deals at the same time or who can
put on super events or appraise a trade within 30¢ of true market value.

I’m talking about developing a management team who can in turn, hire the right people, and then train, coach and
manage them to become high achievers, instead of just more ‘average Joes’.

So let’s spend some time this month focusing on hiring and then developing top salespeople in this business.
That’s why managers get so disappointed. In their minds, they see the
steps of selling salespeople need to follow: great first impression, greet the customer,
build rapport, investigate, present, demonstrate and then close the
sale. So they interview and hire people they think can follow the process.

But because there aren’t enough written guidelines, not enough training,
and too little daily management, ‘sales’ quickly becomes The Nightmare on
Auto Mall Drive.

    When I first started selling cars, five minutes after I was hired I was
    given my manager’s version of the sales process on a piece of paper.

    There were 10 short steps listed, with no directions. He told me,
    “Memorize this list.”

    Did I do the things on the list? No.

    Could I do the things on the list? No.

    Did I memorize the list? Yes, I did.
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