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By Joe Verde
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Let’s look at the importance of management processes and procedures.

Why are procedures so important? For 2 reasons...
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    1) You and your salespeople need clear guidelines on everything you expect them to do. Until you
    develop clear guidelines, save yourself the grief and don’t even expect them to do their job.

    2) You can’t just bark out orders and hold your salespeople accountable to follow vague directions like,
    “Go find a customer and sell something.” Problem: If there isn’t a customer on the lot, they can’t go find

I know what you mean is: ‘go follow up or prospect or turn a phone or Internet lead into an appointment that
shows up on the lot’, but they don’t know that.

Then you want them to ‘find their wants and needs, give a great presentation and demonstration to build
value and to get them excited about buying, avoid price so you can protect the gross, close the sale,
overcome any objections the prospect has, write them up correctly and bring you a deal to work.’

So how’s that going from last month? How are you doing on putting those processes and procedures
together and on training them so they know exactly what you want and expect?

My guess – ‘not so good’. Oh I know, you’re busy, shorthanded, don’t have the right people, etc. But until you
outline what you want, good luck selling more.
The reason your salespeople aren’t already doing those 20 things is because most don’t know how and none
of them are required. The reason you haven’t written out those 20 procedures yet, is because your dealer
didn’t require you to create those procedures so you could all sell more units.

It’s important to realize that hardly anybody, including yourself, will take it upon themselves to figure out
exactly what has to be done. Hardly anybody will dig in and learn all they can about the ‘task at hand,’ come to
work to work, and do their best job every day with no supervision.

That’s why your salespeople need you to create guidelines for them. That’s why they need you to teach them
how to do everything, and why they need you to manage them every day and hold them accountable. They do
want to sell more.

If your dealer will set up and then require you and every manager to follow these requirements, policies and
procedures every day – your personal income will double. Why? Because you’re all very bright people or you
wouldn’t have your job. When you focus your attention on the most important tasks, good stuff happens and
you start selling cars, having fun and making money.