Increase Sales 50%  (continued)
Trust me – that party is over!

You can sell 20-30% more units this month even with no training (eliminates
excuse #1, the money). That is, assuming you can set aside your standard
line, “I’ve been doing this for (x) years, and I know exactly it takes blah, blah,
blah.” Give it a rest, if you knew how to raise sales now, you’d be doing it
instead of explaining to everyone why you can’t.
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By Joe Verde
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• You’ve never made hiring quality people in sales a priority and now you’re stuck with a lot of people who
should have never been in sales. When you did have a good one, you either kept messing with them or their pay
until they quit or demanded a promotion to get out of sales.

• You’ve never made training them effectively a priority so even the ones who could have been selling
more and who could help you most now can’t, because they don’t know anything about professional selling. Here
again, those who did excel saw their pay plan change, so it was, “See ya later” or, “If you don’t make me a (bad)
manager, I’m outta here.”

• You promoted people to management just because they could sell a few cars, but then taught them
nothing about how to manage the people they were now in charge of. Everybody agrees that most salespeople
are very poorly trained, so I have a question for you: who has had even less training than your poorly trained
sales staff? Exactly, the only people with less training in how to do their job than your salespeople are the ones in
charge of the poorly trained salespeople.  

• You don’t hold anyone accountable. You’ve ignored the request from your good managers who wanted to
fire a lot of those underachievers in sales. You said, “No way, he’s loyal.” Finish the sentence, “No way, he either
can’t sell, or refuses to sell, but he’s been loyally dragging sales down for (x) years now and he’s killing any
chance we have for success.”
Your first step in increasing sales today is to realize that as a dealer or GM (or average manager),
you’ve been holding back your team in several different ways.
    Sell 50% More This Month With No New Expense

    Selling more units does not require more traffic. You don’t need to increase your ad budget, you don’t
    need to go to the expense of adding a phone room and you won’t need to set up an Internet Department to
    increase sales this month.

    Selling more is a math problem + activity management.
    No matter how much or how little traffic you have, according to the known and proven statistics...

    •         78% are buyers
    •        90% of them will buy within a week
    •        You’ll deliver only 20%.

    For all practical purposes, of every 10 prospects on your lot, your sales force delivers 2 and sends 6 buyers
    to a competitor. This means you’re missing easy sales you can be making if you’re willing to control sales
    activities this month.
• Improve Demos. Three facts to understand:

    (1) 99% of the people who bought, said they wanted to drive the vehicle first. No exceptions.

    (2) 50% of the people who get a good presentation and demonstration buy the vehicle on the spot.  

    (3) Problem: We survey thousands of salespeople who readily agree they only give 40% of your prospects a
    good demonstration, and the term good is questionable.

    Solution for a 50% increase: If you’ll manage or bribe (spiff) your salespeople into giving 60% of all of the
    prospects on your lot a good presentation and demonstration this month, you’ll increase sales 50%. Why?
    More math ... a 100 unit store has 500 ‘ups’, 40% of them (200) get a good presentation and demonstration
    now and 50% of those 200 buy (100). If your salespeople give 60% (300) of the 500 a good presentation and
    demonstration instead, you’ll deliver 150 units instead.

• Improve Selling and Closing Skills.
    Fact: 20% is the overall closing ratio. Keep them off price (we’ll worry about that later, first let’s find the
    perfect car for you guys), focused on value (FABs) and close with a non-price closing question and you’ll
    easily improve closing ratios 10% for a 50% increase.

       500    people on the lot             500    people on the lot
      x 20% closing ratio                     x 30% closing ratio
       100    deliveries                         150     deliveries

How do you make it happen? Easy, get out front, watch everything that happens and make sure your salespeople
do their job with the Basics this month so you can get the extra $100,000 you’re leaving on the table every month.  
There are two ways to look at increasing sales 50%, but they
both come from doing a better job of selling the vehicle.