Is it Really Necessary?
    “I can’t afford to lose a day or two at work to go to a training class
    with my salespeople. Is it really necessary?”
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AutoPro Training Solutions            I               Motorcycle Dealers Network
Would a professional sports team that’s trying to win the title ever consider
sending their team members to a training camp without their head coach and
all of the other coaches attending with them? Even a Little League coach
wouldn’t have someone else teach their team without being there.
Why? Well, what if the other coach taught them skills that were just the opposite of
what the coach thought they should learn? What if the other instructor was terrible
and/or the information was outdated? Or what if the opposite were true? What if the
instructor was great and taught brilliant life changing skills to your staff? But if you
and the other coaches weren’t there to learn the same things, you wouldn’t be able
to reinforce and practice the new skills and techniques with your salespeople to
keep the enthusiasm and momentum going.

Of course salespeople need to go to sales training programs to improve their
education and skills in sales – that’s common sense. But the most important people
who need to attend the sales courses are the dealers and managers in charge, but
they’re often too busy. That’s too bad, because attending classes with your
salespeople is just one of those things you’ve got to do.
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But you know what – we do it anyway. Why? Because we know if we don’t, nothing gets better. In fact, it all gets

If you and your managers are justifying why you don’t train and educate yourselves and your salespeople, it’s
guaranteed that you’ll end up with lower sales and profits, poorer attitudes and lots of turnover.

To avoid these problems – we train 5 days a week. We have weekly supervisor meetings and we have our 2-day off-
site management meetings quarterly so we can set goals, evaluate our progress and figure out what to do next, so
we can have another record year. When you come to class, we teach you how to do what we do, so you can grow
every year, too!

You’re right. There isn’t time to attend management courses, or to go to sales courses with your salespeople, or to
train online, or to meet regularly with management to plan your growth. But ... if you want to have a record year
every year – you’re going to have to do it anyway, just like we do.

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There’s another thing or two you’ve just got to do to grow...
In our headquarters in California, we have about 50 people on staff. We’ve had a
record year every year for 22 of the last 25 years ... and it’s a fire drill every day at
our office.

Just like with your fire drills, we don’t have time to do one-on-ones with our
salespeople and we don’t have time to meet weekly with our admin staff, either. And
we sure don’t have time to train our salespeople daily – we’re just way too busy, just
like you.

And we don’t have time to get our managers together weekly or have off-site
management meetings, either. And as managers, we sure don’t have time to work
on improving personally, because we’re too busy managing salespeople, doing stuff
and breaking records.