A 12 Month Plan that Works  (continued)
When we arrived last year, the dealer and his team struggled
with just a few important, but necessary fundamentals that
push the needle in a forward motion. These fundamentals
would enable them to be more productive, efficient and, of
course, a more solvent running machine.
    We trained the personnel on the necessary fundamentals.  We provided tools to allow the dealer to review the
    DAILY and ongoing trends that were effective and, more importantly, beneficial.  After reviewing our goals and
    trends for the past year I observed the following:
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  • Fewer RO’s and more Gross Profit.
  • Higher productivity percentage on average after second shift removed.
  • Higher Average sales per RO from $160.00 to $380.00.
  • Increase in Technician productivity from 70 - 90% to 110 – 150%.
  • Increase in CP Labor Sales of 16% (over $200k)
  • Increase in Parts Sales of 13.2% (over $144k)
  • Increase in Gross Profit of 8.9% (After all expenses are paid) of $131,384
  • Parts and Service Sales increased by nearly 30%

    What dealer would not want to make more money with less business and fewer shifts to
    accomplish these increases?
When we first began distributing this e-Newsletter I proposed to every dealer a very unique service.

    First: we have a very dedicated staff to serve all of your automotive needs.
    Second: we combine nothing but the best of the best practices which enable dealers to see real results in real

    Our company has been recognized in over 80 countries and owns the copyrights to many of our own unique
    tracing systems. These systems are used in all dealerships around the globe.  I often tell my team, if I had a $1
    for every dealer I talk to in a month for as long as I have been in this gig, I could easily retire. However, I still love
    the car business and feel that we have that sustainable edge to overcome any adversity that is thrown our way.

Recently, I received an email message from one of our readers. In the subject line he had typed “your an idiot”. The
first thing that caught my eye was his deplorable spelling. This reader is the president of a fixed operations training
company…. WOW..What a guy. He had apparently deliberated with himself on my article "12 Benchmarks in Fixed
Operations" and doubted that these benchmarks were attainable.

If I post benchmarks for dealers to strive to, they are attainable.  Perhaps the reason this reader felt my
benchmarks were unreasonable was because his company cannot deliver theses results as deemed necessary from
industry standards. Maybe they are a bunch of terrible throw back service managers that you and I have fired? Just the
same, he felt  that he has what it takes to become a service trainer.  

Think where you want to be next month, not next year. Call me and we can discuss your long term plan and not your
short term fix. I will be looking forwarding to learning more about you and your team. Contact me and get the answers to
the dilemma  that could possibly be plaguing your store.

Until my next article, don’t close the doors of opportunity. I have been offering free advice for the past three decades
and will continue to look forward to your messages.