Self Confidence  (continued)
    A self-confident presence is calming and reassuring. It has no need to build
    itself up by tearing others down. In fact, the confident personality tries to help
    others grow their skills and lift their self-views, knowing the result will be
    stronger performers and ultimately greater success for all.

    Confident managers don’t have all the answers, nor do they pretend to. Their self-confidence doesn’t come from
    knowing everything; it comes from knowing how to find the answers. That includes being comfortable seeking
    opinions and insights from others, no matter how far up or down the ladder, and listening carefully to not miss that
    grain of truth that unlocks the solution.

    They make a few mistakes. They don’t relish them, but they know they’re part of the terrain. Their confidence lets
    them admit their mistakes, own up to them, figure out the lessons to be learned, and move on. They know that
    always being right means they’re not pushing the envelope hard enough. They pass that on to the people they
    work with by example.

    These sometimes quiet, high-performing managers don’t hog the limelight. They don’t need it to boost their self-
    esteem. They already know their worth. Instead, they shine the light on the people around them. Rather than
    taking gratuitous credit for ideas or results that demoralize the people they depend on, they understand that
    sincerely acknowledging each person’s contributions strengthens everyone.

    Hopefully, you’ve worked for such a manager at one time or another, and recognize the personality. If not,
    persevere. They exist and they're wonderful to be around.

    So how do you become one of them? Here are some quotes that may help you understand the mindset of the
    confident manager...

    Your job is to find great people, give them the opportunity to do outstanding work,
    monitor their progress and then get out of their way.

    Whenever you begin to feel all proud about what you’ve accomplished, remember ‘You
    didn’t do this alone.’ Find those people who really made it happen, and go thank them
    from the bottom of your heart.

    Give yourself permission to be wrong, and you will hit twice as many home runs. I specifically give
    people permission to be wrong, knowing they will do more when they’re not overwhelmed by fear of

    Give people permission to make mistakes. At the same time, take responsibility for managing the
    environment so they’re not left alone to make the really big ones. If and when the big one happens,
    take the lion’s share of the blame. It is ultimately your responsibility, after all.”

    You’ve been on the wrong side of an argument more than once. But when you realize you're wrong,
    get off your position fast and get on the right side; ultimately nobody remembers I was wrong to start
    with. Those people who cling to a losing point of view are always remembered for being wrong.”
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Why is a manger’s self-confidence so important to success?  
Because people gravitate to those who have it, and together they achieve
superior results. Let’s face it, either you have it or you wish you did.
    As your management experience grows, you'll realize that complete self-confidence is a state you'll never really
    achieve. With your success your responsibilities grow, and so do the challenges. You'll have many moments of
    self-doubt. But where you'll be inclined to withdraw inward, instead reach outward. Let the people whom you've
    supported support you for a moment. Their belief in you will inspire your confidence anew.