Where's Your Manager!? (continued)
The service manager listened to the advisor first (poor decision) then he listened to
his customer's concern. Guess what? The Service Manager decided that the customer
was totally in the wrong. I had an opportunity to listen first hand to the customers
disagreement in the waiting area and found that the department ran an advertisement for
a $14.95 LOF special, when the customer handed the coupon to the advisor at time of
check out the advisor simply stated: The coupon states-“Must be presented at time of
write up.”
So the manager decided to back up the advisor at a risk of losing a
life-long, local, repeat car purchasing customer for $14.95.
I sat there in awe
thinking, I would terminate this style of management in an instant.

Which leads me into this: For years dealers have looked for avenues to increase their
overall sales & performance within their franchise.
“It all starts at the top”, so let’s look at what it takes to put
together a team of seasoned veterans
within your immediate staff as well as the management team. What
embodiments do we need to recognize in our leadership team and what are the differences between  
vs. Leader?”
While it is often inappropriate to discriminate or judge harshly, there are some rules of
engagements that come into the arena regarding hiring the Right Candidate.

Let’s look into the difference and you decide which characteristics fit your
current staff.
    Renowned motivational speaker Dave Anderson listed these characteristics regarding

    Management vs. Leadership

       Management is about systems, controls, budgeting, process and procedures; Leadership
concerns vision, direction, building a team and motivation. The positive attributes of management
and leadership skills are equally important. Management without leadership means you can't grow
what you keep. Leadership without management means you can't keep what you grow. However,
most people in management positions over-manage and under-lead and, thus, the majority of
organizations are severely over-managed and grossly under-led. It's essential to work toward a
balance of sound management and solid leadership skills within your own leadership style. If you
lack the inherent talents to execute both skill sets satisfactorily, then you must staff your
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Get your team out of their personal comfort zones and
    Insist on Performance

I am a firm believer that pay plans should be predicated strictly
on performance
. If your staff was paid on production this would
certainly eliminate performance issues within your departmental
management. And it changes the attitude of your employees. They
must first recognize that tight scrutiny will be viewed when it comes to
customer satisfaction and increased performance levels in all team
members. Let’s take a look at ways to increase employee incentives &
pay plans accordingly. Pay plan structures should be observed in the
following modules in Fixed Operations.
    Service Department
Customer Satisfaction Scores
Labor Sales or Gross profit
Parts & Labor Sales or Gross Profit
Customer Pay Labor Sales
Flat Rate Hours per Customer Repair Order
Customer Pay Effective Labor Rate
Parts to Labor Ratio
Labor Sales Gross Profit Margin
Up-Sell Percentage Guidelines
100% Multi-Point Inspections (qualified
100% Walk Around Inspections (qualified
100% Menu Presentations (qualified vehicles)
    Parts Department
Parts Sourcing by application
Parts Matrix Modifications
Stock Quality Improvements
Reduce Obsolescence
Non-Stock Accumulations Sources
Increase Parts Sales per Transaction
Wholesale Parts Business Profit
Integrity of your Inventory Data
Employee Efficiency
Inventory Fill Rate Improvement
Special Order Compliance Policies
When hiring a CEO, COO, CFO, CIO, Comptroller, or any other executive
position, there must be a true visionary behind the wheel. Determining the perfect
candidate for any organization can be a daunting task. The right candidate must
embody the vision of the dealer and have a well thought out long term agenda in
mind when throwing their name into the arena as a prospective candidate.

After many years in the automotive profession I have found a professional
company in that niche.
Courland Automotive Practice has been uniquely
positioned in recruiting Automotive Executives Worldwide since 1991 and has a
strong portfolio of clients to back them up. If your Executive Officers have no long
term plan for future growth and you need professional assistance follow this link:
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Also keep in mind that your data base was intended for growth &
procurement within our marketplace.
If you’re interested in regaining your
lost customers then we need to talk about your DMS system. We have positioned
ourselves and partnered with a DMS Integration company that is an authorized
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Until our next article, demand perfection from your team and keep your
customers out of the phone book. This will require you getting your team out of
their comfort zones.
The Makers are goal
oriented individuals
who embody exceptional
characteristics that
move away from
conventional ties.

The Makers insist on
excellence, while the
Breakers are the ones
who are willing to just
move along & simply
want to
get through the day
                                  Managers avow; Leaders extend. Managers embrace average performance;
Leaders transform before it is necessary. Managers spend more time with tasks; Leaders spend more
time with the work-force. Managers spend more time looking busy; Leaders spend more time with their
sleeves rolled up producing real world results. Managers support under-achievers; Leaders are a true
force of spirit and determination. Managers often micro-manage (resulting in poor performance;)
Leaders empower their staff to push the envelope which leverages their competition. Managers believe
and have an “It’s all about me” attitude; Leaders build competent and profitable teams that demand
excellence from their individual selves.
Makers vs. Breakers
For large Automotive
Groups, finding the perfect
candidate is instrumental in
the overall progression in
any company’s vision.