Losing Them At 'Hello' (continued)
Most of the time, when dealing with internet customers, you get only
one shot at earning their business.  
Sales Managers tell me that floor
traffic is down. The people who do come on your lot want to spend less and
get more. The question has to be asked what can we do different to drive up
    First, we need to examine what we are doing and how we are doing it. Remember the old adage “If you
    keep doing what you are doing then you will keep getting what you already have!” Are you happy with what you
    already have? Most dealerships use an “up” log. This is where I would start. Are all the people who come on to
    your lot getting on the log? How many customers have you lost on the lot as soon as your sales people say hello?
    Are you counting only those customers logged as your “floor” traffic? The people who never make it through your
    doors should be counted.  After all, they are customers too even though they did not make it through your doors.
    How do you get them to come in? You need to come up with a compelling reason that will create enough curiosity
    that will make that person want to run into the dealership and make a deal. Do your sales people stand by the
    door in a group, some smoking, waiting for someone to step into the maze of vehicles?  Survey
    after survey has said customers hate the feeling that they are being ganged up on. Make that
    doorway as welcoming to the customer as if they were visiting a friend’s home. Salespeople
    should be available but not waiting in a group looking like buzzards waiting for some fresh meat
    to fall. Salespeople should never smoke around a customer, even if the customer is smoking. It
    is unprofessional. Train your sales people on a Greeting that will make the customer feel
    welcome and spark their curiosity. The greeting should sound like this.  
Salesperson: “Welcome to our dealership. My name is Mike Maguire and you are?”  
Customer: “I am Joe Smith.”
Salesperson: “How can I help you Mr. Smith?”
Customer: “I am just looking”
Salesperson: “That is great. I appreciate your shopping with us; with so many dealerships to choose from, I
appreciate giving us the opportunity to earn your business. Before you start looking I think I have something that
you will be interested in. You see, our dealership has been in business for almost fifty years. We have learned
through experience that unless we treat you the way you want to be treat, help you find the vehicle that you will
love to drive, make all the information easy for you to get and have all fit comfortably into you budget, we don’t
have a chance to earn your business. Am I Right?”
Customer: “Well, yes.”
Salesperson: “In addition we know in today’s competitive market we need to do more.”
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    Find some no cost or low cost items that can be added into your greeting. Put them
    on a hand out that is given to the customer.  No cost items can be a seventy- two
    hour return policy, $500 extra for their vehicle the next time they trade it in or free
    car wash when they service their vehicle with you. Some low cost thing would be a
    Key care program, tire rewards just to name a few.
    I wish I could say that I was the genius who came up with this. I am not.  Joe Negley from APCO is the
    one who designed this very effective program to increase sales. It is a small part of the EasyCare Top Gun
    program.  If you want more information on this program, please email me and I or someone from EasyCare will
    get in touch with you.

    The point is that if things are not going well just do not sit there. Do something about it. If you have
    salespeople sitting around talking about how bad things are make them do something productive. If it is slow, do
    some spontaneous sales training. Anything! Activity breeds activity. People see others being busy they want to
    know what they are doing and why. Busy employees are happy employees. Make some changes.

    Make the first change with how your sales people say hello

Michael Maguire
Agent-Trainer/Curran EasyCare
    Salesperson: “When you buy a new or used vehicle from us you get free our Key care program. …………..”
    You should have at least five things that the salesperson can read off to the customer. After reading
    the hand out, the salesperson asks, “Mr. Smith, how does that compare to what you have seen
    so far?”  The answer the customer gives will tell you everything you need to know about him. If he
    says something like “I have not seen anything like this.”  You know he has been out shopping. The only
    other thing he could say is “I just started looking.”
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