Birds of A Feather Flock Together (continued)
They spray an untargeted group of consumers with enormous amounts of
promotional material and hope that some of it brings in traffic.  If they hit a
Bullseye at all, it is often by luck, and this hit or miss approach is costly!

After fifteen years of research, a new cutting edge system of Targeted
Market Analysis has been developed that enables a dealership to
accurately identify who its best prospects are and how to reach those
specific future customers who have the greatest likelihood of becoming
future buyers.
    People naturally gravitate towards communities of others of similar
    backgrounds, means, age and interests. This Market Analysis employs a
    sophisticated computer modeling of the dealership's customers and then
    finds the households within the same neighborhood that match the best
Phase 1- Customer Analysis
Market Analysts use the dealerships current customer list and using a credit bureau's MOSAIC classification
system, they identify which of 62 lifestyles those current customers fall into.  Classification into a lifestyle is done
by looking at 72 demographic factors of each customer (age, income, ethnicity, marital status, home type, credit
score, etc.)  The next step is using a credit bureau's vast database of information to find the exact households
which match the dealerships best customers. These households are found in the neighborhoods where current
customers live. The dealership is provided a list of the "clones" of their best customers in the areas where they
already have customers. Direct mail is then done on a consistent basis to draw these "Birds of a feather" into the
store and converted to buying customers.

Phase 2- Media Analysis
Drawing from thousands of surveys done in the dealership's market area, the analysts
select only the surveys of consumers that fit a "clone" profile established in Phase 1.
The surveys ask the dealership's future customers about newspaper reading habits,
radio listening habits, TV watching habits, internet usage, yellow page usage.  The
surveys from likely future buyers are collated, compiled and summarized to answer the
following questions:

  • Which form of advertising (radio, television, newspaper, internet, outdoor
  • billboard) is the most cost efficient in my market?
  • In which newspaper and on which day of the week are my best future prospects reached on?
  • Which small and community newspapers are the best opportunities to reach future buyers?
  • Which magazines do the future buyers read?
  • Which broadcast television stations and exactly what times are best to reach the future buyers?
  • Which special programs and sports events do the future buyers watch?
  • Which cable television stations and at what times are the future buyers reached?
  • What radio stations and at what times are best to advertise to future buyers?
  • Which roads in the local area are future buyers traveling on so we can figure out where outdoor billboard
    placement is most effective?
  • How much usage of Yellow Pages is there with the future buyers?
  • What are the Internet buying habits and what web sites are most visited by the future buyers?
  • What message should be put into the advertising to draw in the future buyers?
  • What type of vehicle and at what price range are the future buyers planning to buy in the next year?

Phase 3- Detailed Media Plan
Market Analysis media plans are unlike any other you've seen before. For example, the media plan shows exactly
which form of advertising should be used to be most cost efficient and exactly where to place the advertising
(which station, what time, which day of the week, what section of the newspaper)

Stop wasting and stop spraying your money out there every month, hoping to hit the target buyers!

Richard Harris
President / Zahr & Associates
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