The Lowest Cost Marketing  (continued)
That situation is a reality with Internet Special Finance Leads.

Furthermore, I regularly hear about (and see) average Gross Profit
of between $2600 and $4600 per Special Finance vehicle retail.  
Therefore, it makes sense to look into and learn the business, to
develop the organization and processes from the beginning that
usher in profits like these.
So what factors makes these dealerships truly successful in Special Finance?
Start by insisting that the Special Finance manager position gets filled by a person who has at least one year of
successful automobile sales experience, has the DESIRE to delegate jobs within the department and is known for
integrity in their past positions.  It is important to speak with their past employer.  There is too much at stake to
tolerate dishonesty and low responsibility.  The correct high-integrity person is the bedrock upon which you will grow
your organization and get your standard processes in place.

When calling a Special Finance lead on the telephone, keep the call brief and fully scripted for the personnel.  Avoid
too many specifics.  When asked, “Do you have a blue Ford Explorer or similar SUV?” answer in a way to get them
into the store.  “We have many vehicles like that, with more coming in all the time.  We get vehicles two ways: we trade
in new vehicles daily and we buy new vehicles all the time.  I will help you find the vehicle that you can afford and
meets your needs.  When can you come in and take a look?”  Get the prospect to arrive.  Especially effective is an
offer to get the “buy now”.  For example, “Can you come in this afternoon because I have a couple more gas cards
worth $50 in free gas to anyone leaving with a vehicle today?”

    The key points of telephone contact are:
  • Call every lead and don’t prejudge.
  • Use scripted patter for both in-bound and out-bound calls.
  • Get every lead to arrive, regardless of credit.
  • Make a specific appointment time and have the person agree.
  • Develop a friendly conversation and invite cooperation from the start.
  • Don’t lie and tell them they are approved unless they are.
  • Handle specific questions about specific vehicles with the above script.
  • Remember, you are selling financing.
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By Richard Harris
President / Zahr & Associates

Upon arriving, the prospect must be asked, “If we find something that meets your needs and finances, will you be
able to leave here with a vehicle today?”  Every prospect, every time.  This flushes out whether you have a decision
maker or not.  If not, get the other decision makers there.  This always keeps you in control of the sales process.

Next, find the vehicle that the prospect would love to own or will meet their needs.  Ask them, “What do you like about
this vehicle?”  You will need this goal of ownership and “go” buttons to keep the sales process progressing.  At any
point, when the sales process is getting derailed, come back to showing them the vehicle they chose and remind
them, in their own words, why this vehicle fills their needs.

Find reasons to do the deal today.  Have several “buy now” statements ready for use, such as, “As I told you on
the telephone, I have a few more gas cards worth $50 in free gas that we are offering today for anyone taking home a
vehicle,” or “When you arrived, I asked if you found the vehicle that met your needs, we could make a deal today.  
You said, Yes.  What do I need to offer to get you into this vehicle you have chosen?”
    Re-Calling Leads
    When a prospect comes on your radar from whatever source, they are a lead now AND in the future.  Do not
    just give up on a prospect because they left with a promise to “be back”.  At a minimum, anyone leaving your
    lot should be contacted daily until it is clear they bought elsewhere, and then re-contacted monthly.  This
    Special Finance prospect, even if they bought elsewhere, has future needs for themselves and family
    members.  Their credit score will not improve overnight, so they can purchase other vehicles from you.

    Internet Finance leads are the lowest cost marketing money spent.  One hundred Internet Finance leads will
    create anywhere from five to eighteen sales on average.

    Zahr & Associates provides Internet Finance leads from the “Hot Zip Codes” right around your lot.  The leads
    are sold exclusively to you and filtered for accuracy of information.  You tell us how many leads you want, what
    is the minimum income for a prospect you will accept, and every lead has a social security number with
    authorization to pull credit.  The leads are delivered by email right to an email address in your dealership or
    right to a CRM software tool you specify.  We require no long term contracts and your leads can be filtered to
    fit your requirements
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