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A product was designed by a mastermind named, Joseph Antley who has a
background in automotive sales as well as the banking industry.  Mr. Antley
saw a pattern of how dealerships make the sales process difficult by not giving
the customer what they want when they want it.  After doing much research
and seeing that customers use price as an objection and not as a major decision as to why they make
automobile transactions.  It led him to come up with the ultimate solution.  The result: pricing software that is
placed on automobile dealership websites that can literally get the customer a price in seconds!
    The reason for this creation is because consumers are tired of playing games and want to simplify
    their car shopping while dealerships are tired of getting poor results from poor follow up and not
    knowing how to properly handle the online customers.  Here are outlined some of the common
    problems and solutions that dealerships experience without using the software.
    A very common Problem:
    A customer visits your dealership’s website.  They are shopping online because they want to make this process
    as simple as possible.  They see a quick quote section on the homepage where they will submit a lead.  The
    customer has to fill in as many as sixteen lines before they can submit the request.  They have to go into full
    detail about where they live and how to reach them followed by the vehicle they are interested.  The customer is
    looking for a quote and they think that they will get it right away.
    The lead comes into your crm/ilm and in most cases an auto response is sent out promising follow up and giving
    the customer a fully disclosed quote.  Depending on how your dealership operates a variety of things happen
    next just as soon as a representative will be able to respond in which the time will vary.
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    1) An internet manager, sales consultant, or bdc representative responds to the customer by trying to sell the
    appointment to get the customer in the door.  They tap dance around the customer by explaining that they need
    to come in to see the vehicle so that all of the information can be disclosed properly.
    2) A dealership that likes to giveaway cars and give internet sales a bad name will respond with a low quote and
    hope that the customer calls them back because they will not follow up with that lead again.
    3) A dealership will respond with a price and give the customer choices because they are not sure exactly which
    trim level the customer is interested in.
    4) An unbranded email will be sent to a customer that is blank except for the price of a car. (How professional…)

By Stan Sher
Regional Sales Manager/Rednumbat
Stan Sher is Regional Sales Manager for RedNumbat and has
held positions such as Internet Director, Desk Manager, Sales
Consultant, and BDC Manager.
    A very common outcome:
    -    A customer will get frustrated by a slow response and will start to shop other dealers with the hopes of getting
    their question answered.  (and we wonder why customers shop too many dealers…)

    -    The customer gets annoyed that the dealerships will tap dance by working for the appointment instead of
    making this process easy.

    -    The dealership does nothing to follow up with the customer and loses a potential deal to a competitor.

    -    Sometimes a customer will take the low quote and come in and actually purchase a vehicle at that store.

    This is a typical example of how dealerships are still using old school ways to sell a car.  This is because many
    dealerships are not learning how to embrace new technology that their customers are using on a daily basis.
    Let’s face it, people change just as technology changes.  Society is controlled by technology because our
    demands are higher.  With this being said, why not make the purchase process easier for the customer?  The
    problem is that some people resist the urge to change because they are afraid of what this might bring.  This is a
    gamble just like anything else in life.
    The Solution:
    1.    Customer clicks on a website icon.
    2.    Customer chooses the vehicle of choice from the entire dealership inventory.
    3.    Customer submits a simple four line lead.
    4.    Customer gets price quote on selected vehicle emailed in seconds.
    5.    Dealership has actual detailed internet lead to follow up with.

    Who benefits from the new process?  This is a situation where the customer benefits because they have a
    legitimate price quote right away.  It gives them more trust in the dealership and a will to work with that dealership.  
    The dealership benefits because they have a detailed lead where they know which vehicle the customer is
    interested in by stock number and vehicle identification number.  This makes following up with the customer much
    simpler and more pleasant because both parties have the required information and much confusion is avoided.

    Some of the most successful dealerships in the country have implemented this process including DCH Paramus
    Honda which is a top ten volume Honda dealer in the nation and Riverside Audi which is also a top Audi dealer in
    the nation.