Work Smarter Not Harder  (continued)
The first step is to evaluate dealership spending.  It is important to
know how much is being spent and where it is going.  There are many
dealerships that are wasting money on useless products and vendors
that bring no results.  Too many dealerships spend money on traditional
advertising instead of focusing in driving people to their site.  Social
network marketing is also something that many dealerships are not
using to promote specials, positive reputation, and special events.  If
money is spent on the right tools there will be a much strong return on
There is also a huge importance on process management.  There are many dealerships out there that lack a proper
process which in turn makes the work environment hostile and can lead to poor customer satisfaction.  Before a
dealership is open for business it is best to make sure that staff and management as well as owners be well versed in
the operations of the business.  The way to do this is to sit down and brainstorm of what works and what does not work.  
It may take trial and error and maybe professional consultation from other business professionals.
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    The most important aspect of managing a successful business is to have the proper training provided for
    all of the departments.  If dealership staff is properly trained on best practices and best ways of using their
    available resources, the dealership will make more money and in turn the employees will make more money.  
    Everyone will be a winner.  The most obvious form of training is to read newsletters and industry publications
    in which professional people offer advice and tools to help others thrive.

By Stan Sher
Regional Sales Manager/Rednumbat
Stan Sher is Regional Sales Manager for
RedNumbat and has held positions such as Internet
Director, Desk Manager, Sales Consultant, and BDC
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There are so many things that a dealership can do to lower cost per sale and be profitable.  This does not mean that