Customer Retention
Michael Roppo, Ron Lamb, Vince Rubino and other professionals
specialize in customer communication to improve customer satisfaction
and keep them coming back.
12 Processes for Customer Retention
A dealership organization-wide customer service initiative can garner measurable
benefits to your organization. Michael Roppo  
Automotive Benchmarks
Benchmarking helps you understand where you are in relation to a particular
standard. Michael Roppo  
Understanding Turbulent Times
Advance with performance regardless of the fears and terror in the marketplace.
Stop listening to the bad news channels! Michael Roppo  
What Customers Really Want
What your business needs to stand out is better customer service and not just
satisfied customers, but delighted ones. Michael Roppo  
Is your Dealership Attractive?
This article will give you the keys to bringing new customers into your dealership.
Ron Lamb  
Bring Them Back
Customer loyalty for dealerships is rarely as strong as you might see with rivalries
such as Coke vs. Pepsi, Bud vs. Miller, PC vs. Mac, etc*…but it can be. Ron
Capturing Customer email Addresses
Consider that the ROI for every U.S. dollar spent on e-mail marketing is a
whopping $51.45 and one realizes that e-mail is quickly becoming the preferred
method of communicating and marketing not only for the consumer but for the
auto dealership. Vince Rubino  
Customer Loyalty
Today’s car buyers happen to be more informed than ever and they have the
luxury of having far many more choices. Vince Rubino  
Recession Marketing
The reaction of many dealers is to “cut, cut, cut,” at a critical time when
customers need to be given additional reasons to stay. Jim Burness  
Automated Phone Calls
Whether you use email, telephone or direct mail, the most effective marketing
communication is that which is IN THE FORM THE CUSTOMER PREFERS!  Bruce
NADA Reflections
The proliferation of reward card offers that started with airlines, hotels and
grocery stores has now filtered down to your local Subway franchise!  Bruce
Remember When...
My father taught me years ago, if you make your customer a “friend”, they’ll
usually come back, and he was absolutely right!  Gary Fightmaster  
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