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    Digital Marketing
Stan Sher, Alvin Newton, Scott Reas and Gilbert Chavez discuss many
aspects of emarketing, lead management, buying cycles and microsites.
Google Maps
Why submit your business to Google?  continued
The Internet Buying Cycle
There is a time when a lead is really “hot” and the target of opportunity rests in
the cross hairs for only a certain amount of time.  
Internet Lead Management
not using an ILM/CRM in today’s e-world is like using a bar of soap and a wash
board to do your laundry.  
The 'other' side of the Fence
Shopping yourself as Internet sales professional is essential in ensuring you are
setting up a successful online sale experience.  
Wrapped Around the Axle
This campaign science of having the major sites, mixed with Micro Sites, e-mail
campaigns, banner placements, SEM, SEO, etc… presents the dealer at the most
advantageous ANGLE to make the knockout punch!  
Get Inventory to your Microsite
more inventory pages means more exposure, more keywords for SEO and at no
additional cost
.  continued
Your Microsite Inventory
Don't wait for your Micro Sites to work for you,   continued
The Power of Creativity
As the day goes by and the showroom is empty it makes sense to sit down and
strategize new ways to get creative. Stan Sher  
Qualify your Vendors
Why is this person out trying to sell me instead of working in a dealership?  Stan
Strategic Internet
Most customers feel that they have built a relationship with the rep on the phone
and want to deal only with that person when they come in to buy the car. Stan
Website Visitors & Instant Gratification
Here are outlined some of the common problems and solutions that dealerships
experience. Stan Sher  
Work Smarter not Harder
Many dealerships that are wasting money on useless products and vendors that
bring no results. Stan Sher