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    Digital Marketing
Rob Mudd, Rich Abronson, Stan Sher, Alvin Newton, Scott Reas and other
professionals discuss many aspects of emarketing, lead management,
buying cycles and microsites.
The Future
The digital retail strategy will allow you to integrate all of your on-line
advertising in concert with your traditional media partners.  Rob Mudd  
Mobile Marketing
While the primary purpose of cell phones remains voice calls, the number two
and number three reasons for cell phone purchases are text messaging and
mobile Web browsing.  Rich Abronson  
Creating Inventory Transparency
when consumers configure a vehicle online, they typically only scratch the
surface of what’s involved in negotiating the price of the vehicle.  Michael Lefteris  
Promote your Dealership
if your potential customer goes online to search for information about your
Dealership and products, what will he find, if you don’t promote your business
online?  Marina Shulzhenko  
Brush-up on Marketing
More dealers than not have forgotten or are ignoring this valuable resource.  
George Toth  
More than the US Postal Service
Many major firms have enacted loyalty marketing programs. But every day,
millions of businesses of all sizes create and implement their own programs.  
Hillary Torchin  
You're Being Cloned
There are demographic as well as psychographic profiles that earmark people
into as many as 64 different types of personalities with over 700 types of
attributes.  Hillary Torchin  
Capturing Elusive Customers
utilize the internet to capture elusive customers and create showroom traffic.  
Jason Parman