Staffing & Human Resources
Bruce Cassels, Kelly Auld and other professionals delve into the
landscape of team building and creating the ideal environment.
Keeping Employees
Something that costs every small business thousands upon thousands of dollars
every year is employee turnover.  George Toth  
Inspect What you Expect
The dealer wants to leave the office immediately and fire his internet department.  
George Toth  
Hostage in the Business Office
the sales process in most dealerships is not customer friendly.  George Toth  
Your Female Customers
I ended up going to another dealership where I felt more comfortable with the
salesman.  Hillary Torchin  
Use Enthusiasm to make Sales
Have you ever cringed when you heard your Internet Specialist convey his
message so enthusiastically that you could have fallen asleep standing there in
the doorway?  Jason Parman  
The Personal Touch
Inconsistency on the part of a manager or supervisor is one of the top reasons
people do not perform to their potential and leave an organization.  Kirk Manzo  
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