Fixed Operations
Jim Bernardi, Publisher of Automotive Dealers Network and CEO of
AutoPro Training Solutions, has written over 70 articles to help Dealers
utilize their Service and Parts departments at top capacity.
Customer Satisfaction
The problem for domestic companies is that they now lag further behind their
foreign counterparts.   
Maximize Service Training
10 qualities to look for when training Fixed Operations. Choose your training
company wisely.
How are your Parts?
It is a must to begin and develop a stock-selling process. It is important to identify
and resolve the reasons for obsolescence.  
The Buy-In
It’s complacency that kills stores not lack of business. Lack of business follows
shortly after poor execution of skills and lack of employee accountability.  
Just Ask for It
Our business was thriving. I worked for a fellow Italian named Ron Sacco. Ron
was old school. He wasn’t much older than me but there were some things I
learned from that man that made me change my views about a service station
and the car business forever.  
Sales is Selling Service
Have you thought about your business from the customer’s point of view? Are the
so called looky-loos really just hanging around your store because they have
nothing else to do besides meander through your lot and inventory?  
Stagnant Service?
Keep in mind; the latest statistics illustrate that an astounding 81% of net
operating profit is derived from the Fixed Operations Departments.  
Zero from Zero is still zero
First and foremost: Get your profit margins in line with Industry Standards.  
Are your Customers Satisfied?
Customer service is an integral part of our job - not an extension of it. A
company's most vital asset is its customers. Without them, we would not and
could not exist in business.  
The Winners
Do you understand who your front line staff is? Do you know professionally who is
representing you, your company name, your reputation, your legacy and your
Service Expectations
By having your service advisors and service manager professionally trained, you
avoid a multitude of negative behavioral traits that stain this great profession.  
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