Car Sales
Joe Verde, author and consultant, has written many articles to help even
the most experienced sales person increase productivity.
Let's Plan Your Growth
You can get lucky and earn $10,000 one month, but you won’t just get lucky and
earn $120,000 a year.  
Management Driven or Market Driven
Even the dealerships who are doing well agree that in today’s market, nothing is
as easy as it was just a couple of years ago.  
Managers in Sales
Salespeople and managers either find the positive reasons to justify doing the
things we cover in our auto sales training that would help them sell more units
and grow, or they find the negatives so they can justify why they won’t.  
The key to building value to the point of asking for the order revolves around the
emotional side of presenting.  
Old School Selling
To stay “in style”, with today’s hot buttons: Customer Satisfaction, Shorter Selling
Process, Up front Pricing;
too many manufacturers, trainers and sales forces are
ignoring the most important part of selling to today’s customers.  
Persistence Eliminates Resistance
The difference between persistence and pressure is ‘technique’.  continued
Presenting & Persuading
The difference between presenting and persuading is the exact difference
between telling and selling.  
What is the Quickest way to Develop Skills?
This is a question from a salesperson, and helping your salespeople should be
your number one priority.  
How to Quickly Lose a 'Done Deal'
The customer is pleasant but reserved. Bill, noticed golf clubs in the back of their
four year old Volvo wagon...  
Selling Cars Today
In the 'Good Old Days'...  But that was then & this is now! Today-your success is
up to YOU!  
Selling Cars Today part 2
Things are changing. Almost all of the big bad things have happened and now
we're dealing with the clean up.  
Sell More Units & Hold Gross
Business is tough right now, but it’s important to remember that 85% of the
people who would normally be buying this year, will still be buying a vehicle.
The Most Important thing you Don't do
you have to know all the stats about your favorite sales team and each of your
players in sales.  
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