Digital Marketing
Ralph Paglia, the Microsite King, provides abundant information on the  ins
and outs of successful digital marketing strategies.
Third Party Sales Leads
Personally, I recommend that dealers look at all their marketing investments by
category (not supplier) each month.  
CRM Success
these 5 key measurements (metrics) must be tracked for each category of CRM
In-House Digital Advertising
We are going to focus on Web Site Displayed Image and Multimedia Enriched
“Banner” Ads (Display), and the more commonly used Search Engine Advertising
(Search) popular today and used by many dealerships via an outside vendor.  
In-House Digital Advertising part 2
In this second installment of our 3 part series on Automotive Digital Advertising
we will take a look at the ads themselves.  
In-House Digital Advertising part 3
The most significant and positive business impact areas from successful online
advertising campaigns for a car dealership are...  
So, What's a MicroSite?
The key to microsite success is the role they play in achieving a balance and
synergy within the other components of a dealer’s digital marketing strategy.  
So, What's a MicroSite? part 2
How microsites are used, what they are, where to get them and what the right
price is...  
So, What's a MicroSite? part 3
Combined with the right people, lead management processes and technology,
the use of microsites is one of many digital marketing tactics that separate some
of today’s most successful dealers from those that would like to get there.  
Optimizing Dealer Websites
providing high quality and unique content within a dealership website is the key to
success with automotive internet users and in getting better search engine
Optimizing Dealer Websites part 2
Content Design and Placement for New and Redesigned Sites.  continued
What Matters to Website Visitors
there is a very real opportunity to drive more traffic into dealership web sites
using integrated marketing campaigns.  
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